Top 5 Valentine’s Day Losers

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Losers

If you are single for Valentine’s Day then have no fear. We have created a top list based on Valentine’s Day fails which will make you glad you are single. So just sit back and laugh as it could be worse.

If you aren’t single and you do have a Valentine then we hope you cannot be linked with the following in any way. If you can then we have a feeling that it may be your last Valentine with your current partner. But hey, there is always next year.

Valentine’s Day – You either love it or you have it we guess.

5. Disney Valentine’s Day Card



If you are wondering to yourself why this card fails then you need to pay less attention to the writing on the card and look more at the mirror on the inside of the card. As they have opted for a cheap piece of reflective material, the image it reflects gets distorted which probably isn’t going to go down well with your 11 year old daughter.

4. Will Ferrell Funny Valentine’s Day Tweet


It’s true; if someone is alone on Valentine’s Day then they love to share it with the whole world via social networking sites, and at times it can be a little too much. Will Ferrell on the other hand said what we were all thinking and because of that we would love to give him a high five.

3. Special Valentine’s Day Offer


If we could we would shake the person’s hand whoever created this. Plus, we all know that Hermit Crabs are the perfect gift to buy that special someone on Valentine’s Day so the pet shop is probably going to make a killing.

2.Will You be Mine, Pizza


If you and your other half have been together for a few years then this pizza idea will probably create a few laughs as it’s a bit of fun; however, if it’s your first Valentine as a couple then it probably won’t go down as well as you would have hoped. They also created a rookie mistake – why is the pizza no four cheeses?

1. Pre-Arranged Funerals Anyone?


It does not matter how “thoughtful” you think the gift of pre-arranged funerals are, they are not going to go down well on Valentine’s Day when you tell your partner that is what you have bought them. “I know you are only 25, love, but you never know – you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and then what?”

People have mixed opinions regarding Valentine’s Day. Some believe it to be a special day where you are supposed to show your other half how much you love and appreciate them, and other believe it to be a manufactured holiday that was invented by large corporations just so they could rake in the money. What is your take on the holiday?

What are your thoughts?